Hear From Some Of Our Satified Customers

Dear Dr. Schwartz and Team,

Thank you so much for such a great Invisalign experience. I can’t express enough gratitude for what you have done to my smile. Everyone I come in contact with tells me how beautiful my teeth are. Before Invisalign I had low self esteem for fear that everyone was staring at my crooked teeth. Having a great smile has improved my career, I feel professional and have more confidence than I ever have. I used to only smile on the inside and with the help of Sandy and his teram I can now let that smile out!

Thank you!


It was always a desire of mine to perform, but my smile truly limited me. I was born without two front teeth, had a crossbite, and an underbite. I went to other orthodontists; two of which wouldn’t even take my case saying I’d have to “veneer everything”, two others wanted to charge WAY too much money. Dr. Schwartz was a gift from God. I was able to afford everything step by step in increments with Care Credit. I was also able to continue to perform while in Invisalign, even singing in musicals and cruise ship jobs. He created enough space for two shiny implants that look very natural. My new smile continues to get me performing jobs. As a result of the change I have been blessed to perform in approximately 40 different states, 40 different countries, T.V. commercials, etc. Because my smile has given me confidence and changed who I am. To say I am pleased would be an understatement.

-John Henderson

The group of women at Dr. Schwartz’s office put me at ease and are friendly and professional, which in todays world is a hard thing to achieve in an office. Some of them I felt became almost like sisters to me. I enjoyed visiting with them. I hope to have a long relationship with them, but not need them too often, if you know what I mean. Last but not least, Dr. Schwartz just to let you know you did a very good job. But I guess you know this because you hand picked them.

Thank you for all the goodies.

A friend to all, Mary Dumond.

Thirty years of dental neglect resulted in my need for significant restorative services, including implants. After an extensive internet search, strongly weighted towards implant expertise, I decided to contact the practice of Dr. Sanford Schwartz. My first point of contact was with Sandi who was genuinely sensitive to my fears and embarrassment and convinced me to schedule an initial consultation and exam. Upon arrival for this appointment I was impressed to discover a dental office that felt more like a private home. The decor and aromatic afforded a comfort that helped to ease my anxiety. My first face-to-face with Dr. Schwartz was another positive experience. He went to great lengths exploring what it was that I wanted to accomplish from my dental treatment and made me feel that my input was valued. The exam resulted in a comprehensive treatment plan that included prices and financing options. I chose to proceed and 18 months of dental restoration commenced. With each successive appointment I grew happier about the direction my dental health was taking and became more and more convinced that I had selected and outstanding dental provider. It is obvious to me now that Dr. Schwartz is an exceptionally skilled practitioner who possesses a true passion and dedication for providing dental health in all of its aspects. It’s no surprise at all that he has assembled a support staff who are equally skilled and share his care values… (Hi Brenda!). Now that my treatment plan has been completed I can state without reservations that the services received have exceeded all expectations. My implants feel like totally natural teeth. I would strongly recommend the Invisalign system to anyone thinking of straightening their teeth, it’s terrific! I have been transitioned from a place where the simple act of eating had become difficult, to a place where I can eat anything at any time without any discomfort. I have been given all the skills necessary to maintain my newly recovered dental health going forward. I’m smiling all the time now and I will always have a special place in my heart for Dr. Schwartz and his entire staff for making this possible.

If dental practices were rated like hotels, Dr. Schwartz and his staff would be Five Star! -Michael Lorch

For years, I was embarrassed by my teeth. The best thing that I did for myself, this year, was to come to your office for a consultation. You, Dr. Schwartz, are the kindest, most caring man and you are surrounded by a wonderful staff. I so love my new smile! – Pat Worthington

I would recommend Sandy Schwartz to anyone. The entire office staff as well as the Dr. are just the best. You don’t see the service and demeanor that they exude much anymore. They are great.

-Kyle Lewis

Every time I smile- I feel great! It has boost my self confidence.

-Sae Cooper

Thank you for restoring my smile and self esteem. You are the best!

My first visit to the office of Dr. Sandy Schwartz was for a dental interview. When first entering the reception room I felt at home immediately; it reminded me of my grandmother’s home complete with an antique sewing machine identical to the one my grandmother taught me to sew. The receptionist was very pleasant as she handed me an employment application.

During my interview I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Schwartz. His calm, caring, personality made me feel right at home. My immediate thought was, “This is the type of office I am looking for.”

For years I was embarrassed to smile because I had spacing between my lower front teeth. During the interview all I could think of was, “Oh Lord, here I am in the dental office of a great dentist and I have this embarrassing situation.” To my surprise, Dr. Schwartz made me feel comfortable and didn’t say a word about my spacing.

To make this story short, yes, I was hired for the position of administrative assistant/insurance coordinator in his office and have been a part of a wonderful team for almost five years where I have seen and experienced for myself some of the best dentistry known to man.

As a patient, I was treated with the same comprehensive treatment as all patients receive…nothing but the best by an office staff that practices their office philosophy of, “Providing the very best dental care available while treating all patients as members of our own family.”

Dr. Schwartz was sensitive to my embarrassment of having spaces between my lower teeth and one day said, ‘We can take care of that spacing for you by placing veneers on your lower teeth.’ After discussing this with my husband, he said, ‘Honey, go for it!’ I had the six teeth prepared for veneers, with no local anesthetic; yes, pain free! And now I can proudly say, “Thank you, Dr. Schwartz, for restoring my smile and confidence/self esteem. You are the best! I am thankful to be a part of your dental team.  Many thanks, Joyce Wood

Dr. Schwartz and Staff,

I was that piece of marble, while Dr. Schwartz was the great artist responsible for the sculpting. In my rare case, which is long behind me, I had been living with the idea that neither man nor machine could help me. I was wrong. After many years of searching for the assistance that I required, I almost just gave up. Then by sheer word of mouth, a family friend mentioned Family, Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry in Brandon. We can all agree that if somebody mentions something by word of mouth, it must be worth a look at. So, I decided to check it out.

Upon arrival to the office I noticed the wonderful adornments and furnishings within the waiting room, similar to sitting in your own family room. I was treated with the utmost care and professionalism. I never had to sign in and was never asked who I was. I was always addressed by my first name. The staff shared stories about their own lives, which made me feel even more comfortable. As dreaded as one might think that going to the dentist is, I enjoyed the trips. During procedures, I can’t even count how many times I was asked if I was comfortable or if I was okay! Unknowingly, I was even given a great tasting smoothie after a long visit; they anticipated that I would be hungry! The little things that they did for me, really helped. I soon considered everyone in the office as if they were part of my own family.

Dr. Schwartz has all the characteristics of a savant. He attended one of the top dentistry schools in the nation, NYU. While practicing in New York, he became an instructor at NYU as well. He never stops his education process. As I am writing this he is currently becoming certified in the use of up to date anesthetic processes. His office may look and feel as comfortable as home, but it is filled with the most up to date technological advances currently available in dentistry. The list of qualifications goes on and on, really! It just boggles me as to how he remains so humble with all his experience; when my previous dentist seeking endeavors were on the opposite end of the spectrum of humility and comfort. I was even able to contact him at his home, by cell phone, for guidance way past the hours of closing, being I was in Nevada at the time!

I received my first compliment about my teeth a few weeks ago. Being a relatively shy person, it was breath taking and I didn’t really know how to react or what to say, in fact, all I did unknowingly was smile even greater.

Thank You! From the bottom of my heart to Dr. Schwartz and all his wonderful Staff!   -Omar

Dear Lee & Dr. Schwartz,
There are no words to describe how much I appreciate Dr. Schwartz doing my very much needed and desired dental work. I never thought, in my wildest dreams, I would be able to have it done. It is truly a dream wish come true for me. I used to watch “Extreme Make-over” while knowing I definitely needed dental work in all areas of my mouth. I always knew if I could have anything done – it would be my dental work the very first thing! Now, even more than ever, I want to represent your office in the very best way possible. To finally have my treatment done makes me so humbled. I give you both my heartfelt gratitude.

-Sally Jordan

“Hi!  My name is Carol Nelson and it is a real pleasure for me to let everyone know what a wonderful dentist Dr. Sanford Schwartz is. I especially appreciate his, “We can always do something” attitude. When I first went to Dr. Schwartz almost ten years ago, I didn’t think much, if anything, could be done to save my teeth. I hadn’t taken care of them for many years.  All I knew was that I didn’t want to be toothless!  For a long time, I had thought of finding a dentist and even went to one, but he painted such a negative picture that I gave up. Then I read about Dr. Schwartz.  He had graduated in the top five percent of his class from New York University and upon graduating had been an instructor there.  I liked what I read and made an appointment.

I found Dr. Schwartz and his staff to be kind and caring. One of the reasons I had put off going to the dentist was that I was embarrassed because my mouth was such a mess.  Dr. Schwartz and his staff put me at ease immediately. My first visits consisted of different ways of handling the work to be done. I couldn’t believe it, I actually had options!

We’ve all heard it said, “You get what you pay for.” I still remember my husband’s disbelief when I told him the costs involved. Needless to say, Dr. Schwartz doesn’t come cheap. Even payment was made easier because of the plan that his staff arranged for me. With the monies I paid to preserve my teeth I could have bought a lot of nice things, but over the years, most of these things would have been gone or forgotten. Yet, I still have my teeth and a beautiful smile which most people tell me is my best asset. I believed it when I had most of the work done and I believe it even more today that these monies were the most meaningful monies I ever spent!

One thing I especially like about Dr. Schwartz is that he is always available to his patients. Once when he was on vacation, I called the office and heard that the office was closed. Before I knew it, he was calling me to see what was happening. As I write this I can’t recall the reason for my call, but I do remember his timeliness in returning my call. Another thing I especially like about him is that he is constantly learning and improving his dentistry knowledge and skills and updating his equipment.  His is a state-of-the-art office.

Now, almost ten years later, I schedule an appointment every three months for maintenance care. I’ve read that most people hate going to the dentist, but not me. I really enjoy it. It’s like visiting old friends in a warm and relaxing environment.  I thank Dr. Schwartz for his care and for giving me the opportunity to share my message with you.” Carol Nelson

“This is the most amount of dental work I have received at one time. The technology and experience of Dr Schwartz and his staff is superior. Work like this usually takes many appointments, but I was able to have it all completed in one appointment. Thank you! A good patient enhances the experience.” – Gary Slifko

“I can’t thank Dr. Schwartz and his entire team enough! I recently had to have some fairly extensive dental work done on an emergent basis. I have always had “dentist anxiety” and was so afraid. From beginning to end, the entire staff was very kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and understanding of my anxiety. I had the procedure done with sedation. The combination of the sedation and the Dr. and his staff made a “difficult” situation easy. The procedure went well and I am healing with very minimal discomfort. This was a wonderful option for me. I highly recommend Dr. Schwartz to everyone and am going to continue with him for preventative care. Thank you!” – Kimberly

“From the moment I called Dr.Schwartz’s office to schedule a new patient emergency appointment, I have been consistently impressed!! From the receptionists to the dentists, I have been showered with attentive, professionalism and love to see that the office is using state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. Quick and friendly staff who made it so easy for me to grasp the work being done and after-procedure inforfamtion was easy to follow instructions. Is worth the drive from Carrollwood and I feel grateful to be in such good hands.” – Lauren

“I have been going to Dr Schwartz for many years and I have never been disappointed by the care I have received. In fact, when I first began my dental health was not where it is today. Through preventative as well as restorative care, I have a better smile and overall better health. Many thanks to the entire office for your concern and professionalism.” – Debbie Edwards

“Beautiful décor in the waiting room. Appointment was on time. Margaret came to get me she always makes my visit fun. If you can call going to a dentist fun? Brenda stopped by to say hi. I must say the staff is really great! Dr. Sandy came in full of platitudes and got to work. My procedure was very difficult but I have to say he never gave up. By doing this it saved me thousands of dollars . I would definitely recommend this practice to my friends!” – Roy

“The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. They are also caring, remembering even little details from visits long past. Dr. Schwartz and Diane are always learning and handle me with care. That is why I keep returning every 6 months since 1992.”  – Sharon

“I found Dr. Schwartz soon after I was engaged to be married. He was able to eliminate the insecurities that I had with my smile. I was confident on my wedding day and my only regret was that I waited so long to find him! Thanks.” – Cheryl Richards

“Before Invisalign I used to hesitate to show my teeth. Now, thanks to Dr. Schwartz, I get endless compliments on my “nice” smile!” – Anna Marie Urso

“Thanks for endless hours of pain & torture – for all the “fun” working with these eye teeth. But, most of all – thanks for giving me my smile back! Bless.” – Sondra

“A warm thanks to you, Dr. Schwartz, and those who assisted you during my recent visit to your office. All of you made “the dreaded visit to the dentist’s office” an almost unstressful, but painless visit. I appreciate the attention from all of you.” – Ruth

“Thank you and all of your staff for the lovely houseplant. It really brightened up my day. Also, thank you for the wonderful work you have done and are going to do in creating a better smile for me. I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received just with the temporaries on. I can’t wait to see the end result. Also thank you and your staff for working me in on an emergency basis. I really appreciate all you have done for me.” – Samantha

“With sincere appreciation for your kindness. We both thank you so much for helping us out at the last minute!!” – Jessica and Carlos

“How surprised and pleasant Russ was to receive the beautiful plant! It is gorgeous and is on our sun porch where we can enjoy its’ beauty and your thoughtfulness. I know you all understand Russ’s condition and I do so much appreciate your patience with him. Again, thanks so much to a very compassionate dental group. You’re great! I always appreciate your fine service and caring manner.” – Mary

“What a surprise on Saturday when a beautiful green plant was delivered to my house! It was such a kind and thoughtful gesture! I found the perfect spot in our breakfast nook and it looks lovely there. Thanks! I always appreciate your fine service and caring manner. Your hygienist, Michele, has become a good friend! Thank you again for the handsome plant and excellent service. You’re tops! Thank you for taking great care of my teeth, they look better now than ever.” – Mrs. Glenda

When first entering your office I couldn’t help but notice the décor was like visiting the home of a close friend; warm and inviting; not the starchy look. Then I was greeted by a receptionist who stood to greet me, shook my hand when saying, “Hello”, introduced herself and welcomed me to the office. “Wow! This was the first time I was ever greeted so warmly in a professional office!” While seated in your reception room I noticed how friendly your office staff was to the patients. I even overheard, Stephanie, speaking to a patient, offering him a discount for paying in full for his services that day. A discount for payment in full in a dental office! I never heard of this before. At the time of meeting Dr. Schwartz, during my exam, I sensed that he was listening to me and truly cared about not only my teeth, but the health of my gums and even gave me a cancer screen test! Coming from the North, this was a first for me. I had never heard of a cancer screen test of the mouth! Sure, in the past I had x-rays, my teeth cleaned, etc. but never anything like this! The thoroughness of the exam, seeing my x-rays on a screen in front of me as Dr. Schwartz explained my needed treatment, gave me the feeling of confidence that I had finally found myself a good dentist. Thank you for taking great care of my teeth, they look better now than ever. My wife was so accustomed to not seeing my upper and lower teeth because I had ground them down to nothing but stubs, that she feels she is finally seeing my teeth for the first time in the thirty plus years that we have been married. I now look forward to getting my first implant! I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of a truly great dentist.” – Walter Wood

“Over the past seven years, I have had nothing short of excellent dental care from my friends at Family, Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry.  Dr. Schwartz is truly a compassionate and skilled professional, flanked by Nancy and Diane, who are definitely worth their weight in gold . . . . fillings!  I have complete faith and trust in them and thank them wholeheartedly for my smile.” – Janet Livengood

“You may remember me (the Aussie with the cracked tooth and in pain) visiting your rooms in Brandon during last October. The tooth could not be saved and so you removed it and installed a bone graft. Whilst having a tooth extracted can never be described as a ‘pleasant’ experience, I must say that your considerate attention, gentleness and professionalism made the whole process surprisingly smooth and painless. Also, your taking considerable time to discuss the matter with me made my decision easy and alleviated any apprehension. I had another pleasant surprise today when I visited my own dentist here in Australia. I intended to discuss the installation of an implant to substitute the extracted tooth. As part of the consultation my dentist x-rayed the site and was very surprised at how good it looked. The graft had completely filled the socket and had ‘taken’ solid bone. My dentist said, ‘that is, without question, the best graft I have ever seen. So, Sandy and Nancy, a sincere – Thank You. Regards, – Neil Wende

“My experience with Invisalign was like a dream come true. In less than two years, my teeth are straight, and most people didn’t even know I was wearing the clear plastic retainers. Dental assistant, Brenda, kept me motivated throughout the virtually painless process, and I loved my hygienist, Diane’s comment: ‘I almost didn’t recognize you! Did you buy a new mouth?’ My husband has been very supportive throughout. He was surprised I’d waited so long to get my teeth straightened, but they didn’t have Invisalign years ago. My friends tell me I look years younger, and my husband can’t keep his EYES off me! Many thanks to Dr. Schwartz, Brenda and the rest of the great staff for such a great experience – and terrific results.” – Leslie Fraze

“Adrienne was wonderful – very caring, patient, concerned. Diane is always outstanding – what a wonderful part of your team.” – Diane G.

“This office is spectacular? I am amazed at the friendly atmosphere; everyone is professional and I have always referred you! Thanks.” – Heather C.

“This is the best dentist I have ever been to.  Thanks.” – Christopher P.

“I was tired of my prior dentist putting me in pain so I decided to change after 18 years.  I’m so glad I did.  I love the updated technology you use and the doctor’s skills.  I now have no more thoughts of pain when I hear the word ‘Dentist!’ Wahoo!!!” – Nicole Roe

“Just keep smiling as you were when I first walked in your office. Thank each of you for making me feel so much love and as if you had known me all my life. May God bless each of you.” – Lizzie M. Wright

“This will now become my Family Dentist.” – Odum Smith

“Staff is amazing!  Very caring, knowledgeable and I always feel ‘at home’ not at a dentist’s office.  Dr. Schwartz is great and you can tell he loves what he does.” – Jacqueline Thompson

“I appreciate the fact that the staff always takes time for me; I am their only concern when seated in the chair.” – Virinda Spencer

“I have always had excellent service. Please keep up with the good work in staying abreast of all of the latest in information. I appreciate knowing that my overall health is just as important to the staff as it is to me.” – Leni Lebron

“Staff is friendly and caring.  Sandra Caballero, hygienist does quality work; office is clean and homey.  Dr. Schwartz is interested and sensitive to his patients needs.” – Barbara Chronik

“Dr. Schwartz and his diverse staff run a first class operation. There is no other dental office that I would rather go to.” – David Dawkins

“Outstanding! A visit to Dr. Schwartz’s dental office is like a visit with family. From the moment you walk into his office you feel the family atmosphere. In fact, the only thing more beautiful and warm than his waiting area is his staff.” – Timothy Filipek

“Excellent, As Always!. Dr. Schwarz and his team are wonderful. I feel lucky that I found them when I moved to FL. They amazingly make your dental visits very pleasant and painless! I would highly recommend them to anyone.” – Kathy Reid

“Diane is very knowledgeable. I have taken the information she supplied me about oropharyngeal exercises, found her original article and researching more about it in my own field of oral motor and tounge movement. Thanks for your motivation to research the subject Diane.” – Sue Huttig

“I love going to this dentist. They are awesome in the care they give to fraidy cats like me. I have very sensitive teeth, and don’t like going to the dentist. The package of nitrous, earplugs, and a massage is a very calming experience. Sandra was the bestest! She even knew when my massage would stop, she would stop what she was doing just to turn it back on. Don’t change a thing. I come to your office just for all of that.” – Mary Allison

“It is always good to know I am going to be treated with respect and you are looking out for the best interest of my teeth.” – Virinda Spencer

“As a public speaker, my appearance and especially my SMILE are of utmost importance to me. Trusting that smile into the hands of another can be a very nerve-wrecking event. I had previously heard great reviews of Dr. Schwartz and his incredible staff, but none of them did justice to the unbelievable experience I had! Dr. Schwartz and all personnel were extremely friendly, educated (and informed me of what they were doing during the entire process), patient, and gentle, constantly asking if I had any concerns or questions. Furthermore, inter-staff relations also really impressed me as each employee communicated with their coworkers in an unusually polite manner filled with please’s and thank you’s. The office was beautifully decorated and comfortable and far exceeded (my already high) sanitary standards. My teeth have never looked more beautiful or felt more clean. In my latest visit, Dr. Schwartz repaired a chip in my front tooth that had nagged and haunted me for some time. Honestly, the repaired tooth looks better than it ever had pre-injury. Thank you Dr. Schwartz and Company. There is a reason why I drive over half an hour and past countless other dental practices to see you! There is no one better with whom to trust your pearly whites! (And if they are not pearly, they can get you there too!)” – Frankie Floyd

“The staff at Dr. Schwartz’ office is absolutely wonderful and reassuring. They do terrific work and make me feel at ease. I am a new patient, but have already recommended them to numerous other people.” – Dina Murray

“Dr. Schwartz is great and so is Brenda, the make you feel so comfortable and you forget where you are at. I have never felt any pain while any work was being done. This is the best Dentist that I have ever been too.” – Diane Duggan

“Thanks to Dr. Schwartz and his wonderful staff for taking good care of me each time I visit for a checkup or a treatment. I actually look forward to my dental apt. when I used to be in a state of fear and anxiety before becoming a patient at Dr. Schwartz office. Thank you Dr. Schwartz and all the very professional staff.” – Linda Davies

“My husband and I went for a consult regarding Invasilign. Dr. Schwartz and his staff were very informative and able to answer all of our questions. We made a decision and look forward to continued visits to improve me smile!” – Linda Casey

“I never really want a trip to the dentist, but Dr. Schwartz always goes out of his way to put me at ease. He even offered me laughing gas to help relieve anxiety, but it wasn’t even necessary because I never felt a thing! I really feel comfortable in his office, and his people (Nick and Nancy this time) are very professional and personable. The new Sirona CEREC machine formed my new permanent crown while I waited — no temporary crown or return visit! I could not be happier. Thank you, Dr. Schwartz, for your dedication to a top-notch, professional clinic.” – Stephen Case

“Dr Schwartz and his staff are wonderfully professional, friendly and make me and my children feel at home. My visits are always like visiting with old friends. I have recommended several friends to Dr Schwartz and to Sandra Caballero and they have thanked me profusely!!!” – Martha Blanton

“Dr. Sandy and staff have been awesome. I broke a tooth on New Years’ Eve and called the office on Wednesday and they were able to fit me in on Thursday afternoon. I commend this group of talented people in the way they have taken care of me despite my phobia of dentists. My experience with this group has been so positive that I have been able to get the work done that was greatly needed. My implants are a wonderful improvement in the way I feel about myself. I am a walking testament to Dr. Sandy and his staff.” – Lisa Coppersmith

“Excellent experience! Dr. Schwartz and his staff treated me with utmost professionalism and highest standard of care. I am truly impressed and grateful that his office will be caring for my family. Thank you Dr. Schwartz!” – James Herrera

“As usual, my dental office experiences are always pleasant and the staff makes you feel like family. My visits with Diane are very professional and she provides a wealth of information that has helped me take care of my teeth and my wellbeing as a whole. During this last visit, I had another doctor appointment afterwards and the staff was able to get me in and out in time for me to arrive at the second appointment on time. Keep up the good job!” – Graciela Wentz

“Dr. Schwartz was recommended to me back in 2005 and I have regularly seen him since then. He and his entire staff are always very friendly and knowledgeable and very pleased with their services. I highly recommend him.” – Margaret McDeed

“Professional service by a very professional team, and their attention to their patients’ needs and details are second to none. Dr.Schwartz runs a very well-oiled machine, and you get that feeling when he walks into the room.” – Wayne McPherson

“Dr, Schwartz and his team are very friendly, caring and made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the procedure. The care provided by Dr. Schwartz, Brenda and Nancy was excellent. They also provided excellent care to my husband and four of my children as well during their visits. Thank you!” – Tammy Tibbetts

“Consistently great service at your practice. My only suggestion is that you offer laser hair removal and pedicure during service! Imagine, a clean mouth and clean upper lip as well!!! Brought in my 89 year old mother and she was very impressed…a wonderful review from her since she is the world’s biggest scaredy-cat (which is where I get that trait from).” – Janine Pettigrew

“I am the biggest dental phobe. I am so happy to have had the positive experience yesterday. I’m thrilled with the way my teeth look! Dr Schwartz takes his time makes you feel totally comfortable and it was PAIN FREE!! Thank you so much Dr Schwartz.” – Michele Young

“As always the office experience is pleasant. The staff warm and friendly. My visit for cleaning with Sandra very professional as well as caring. I found that with diligent regular cleanings my gums have improved 100%. Thank you Sandra” – Barbara Chronik

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